About Lang-Land


About Lang-Land

Lang-Land.com is a unique service for learning foreign languages. The goal of our project is to unite teachers and students in the virtual space, creating maximum comfort for their interaction.

We put together interactive training materials and the possibility of online communication based on convenient and thoughtful Lang-land interface (including videoconference with native speakers). All of these leads to the mobile learning process, and also help to gain efficiency. 

One of the main objectives of the Lang-land creators was to increase the effectiveness of communication between teacher and student. That’s why the optimization of various organizational issues related to the training took a special place the project. Such essential elements of the learning a new language as planning lessons and structuring the learning process, monitoring progress were thorough thought through and automated. This approach allows teachers and students to save their strength, time and money, because online classes do not depend on traffic and transport issues, weather conditions, rent and other circumstances. This in its turn gives Lang-land users the opportunity to concentrate on the main thing: learning.

Another important task for us was to establish conditions under which students would be able to find an appropriate teacher. And a teacher had to get the opportunity to fully realize their potential. Lang-land user base is well structured and clear. It takes into account such parameters as convenient training time, the level of the object language, lesson prize, etc. This allows users to make the right choice quickly and easily.

In the Lang-land we have combined new information technologies and gathered experience of learning a new language. As a result, the modern way of lessons with a teacher has become not only interactive, but also much more convenient. Lang-land has all the tools for a comfortable learning almost anywhere and at any time.

Storage of personal data

In accordance with the Federal Law №242 from 21 July 2014 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation with regard to the processing of personal data clarify the order in information and telecommunications networks", we keep all of our data base on the territory of Russia.